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Meet James and his Yellow Jeep!

Meet James and his Yellow Jeep!

  • by chris vasquez

Meet James and his yellow Jeep!

James has been wanting to overland in his jeep since he can remember.  His desire however has not been fulfilled yet due to time and budget restrictions.  Just recently however James was able to get enough funds saved up to travel from South America to North America...  The entire way in his Yellow Jeep.  

Join us as we take apart of James's adventure as James has decided to install the 12 V 140 AMP Dual Battery Isolator Kit to assist with his Optima Dual Battery Setup.  The process to install a dual battery setup is simple and easy and can be installed in a wide array of vehicles and travel applications.  Stay tuned for Step by Step tutorials and how to's

One awesome aspect of the Isolator is the ZERO VOLTAGE DROP: Forget the traditional diode relays and so-called "solid state" devices that can rob you of almost 2 amps of output power! The KeyLine Dual Battery Isolator is the only unit designed with cutting edge programming to deliver optimum performance - with ZERO sacrifice. This compact battery isolator was built ultra-small (2.6" x 2.6" x 2") to fit almost anywhere! A perfect fit under the hood to get close to your dual batteries.

The VOLTAGE SENSITIVE RELAY is another great feature that is present in all Keyline Isolators.  The KeyLine Automatic 140 Amp Dual Battery Isolator is all you need to charge Two Battery Systems. Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) cuts in at 13.3 volts and cuts out at 12.8 volts to ensure your primary battery is always charged and ready to start your vehicle. It's like having two separate power sources for each battery while only having one alternator

In addition Keyline Isolators have RUGGED DURABILITY: Unlike other isolators on the market, the KeyLine Automatic 140 Amp Dual Battery Isolator is IP65 Certified. This International Protection rating means that your KeyLine isolator is safe for use even for your off-road needs in dusty, wet and unexpected extreme weather environments. Great for extreme vibration applications as well.

When you are ready to install... WHAT YOU GET is... (1) 140 Amp Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR); (1) 20 ft red battery cable; (1) 2ft black ground battery cable; (2) positive brass marine type battery terminals; (1) negative brass marine type battery terminal; tinned copper lugs & heat shrink; cable ties; easy-to-follow instructions. Easy-to-follow directions for the most novice DIYer. Power wire in, power wire out. What could be easier?

Last but not least you can BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Every 140 Amp Dual Battery Isolator is backed by an industry leading 12-month warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply take advantage of the No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!!

Stay tuned as we follow James on his awesome adventure!

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