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Keyline Chargers, Battery Isolators and Accessories

Keyline Chargers, Battery Isolators and Accessories

Keyline Chargers represent a revolution in battery charging technology. Featuring a 5-stage charging process: Desulphation>Bulk Charge>Absorption>Analysis>Float Stage to ensure a fully charged and well-maintained battery every time. Made small and durable to perform in tight, dusty, and even weather exposed environments.

  • Perfect for all Lead-Acid and Sealed Batteries (AGM and gel cell)
  • Fully automatic 5-stage charging process (connect 'n go)
  • Desulfation stage (rejuvenates old batteries and prolongs battery life - up to 4X!)
  • Quick-disconnect plug (includes alligator clips and fused ring terminal harness)
  • 3 status LED lamps
  • Power surge protection
  • Reverse polarity connection protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Spark protection
  • Input Voltage: 110-240VAC
  • 5 Year Warranty