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KeyLine Chargers - 6V/12V Auto-Switching Smart Battery Charger w Float Voltage - 3 Stage Trickle Charger for SLA Batteries, Wildgame Feeders & More!

KeyLine Chargers - 6V/12V Auto-Switching Smart Battery Charger with Float Voltage - 3 Stage Trickle Charger for SLA Batteries 

This is one of our popular selling products. Our 6V/12V Auto-Switching Smart Battery Charger with Float Voltage is of great value. If you are interested in finding out more, see the details below:


  • SMART CHARGING: Other battery chargers claim to provide "smart" charging, but only KeyLine Chargers Auto-Switching SLA Battery Charger features this exclusive 3-Step Process: BULK CHARGE > ABSORPTION STATE > FLOATING VOLTAGE. This fully automatic trickle charger transitions through each mode with set & go technology to protect against overcharging. Other features include: Automatic switch 6V/12V setting, 500mAh power, ultra-bright LED status lamp, wall plug, 5.5 foot cord and auto shut-off.
  • EASY-TO-USE: The KeyLine 6V/12V Automatic Smart Charger was engineered with intelligent monitoring. There are no buttons to push, simply 1) Connect the alligator clips to the proper polarity terminals on your battery: red (+), black (-), 2) Connect the charger to the AC outlet and you're charging! It's THAT EASY!
  • YOUR IDEAL CHARGER: The KeyLine Chargers Auto-Switching SLA Smart Battery Charger is your ideal charging companion! Use it for automatic wildgame feeders, fish finders, portable lanterns, wheelchairs, security vehicles and any other rechargeable 6 volt and 12 volt SLA battery. Designed with the proper voltage trickle so it won't hurt a battery.
  • SAFE CHARGING: The KeyLine Chargers Auto-Switching SLA Smart Battery Charger is the best automatic smart charger on the market! Each charger is made with the highest-quality components that meet nationally recognized standards for safety even in dusty, and unexpected wet weather conditions. Other safety features include: Over current protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection and battery polarity error protection and smart battery float voltage.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Every KeyLine Chargers Auto-Switching SLA Smart Battery Charger comes with a full 1-YEAR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WARRANTY. Unlike our competition, who knows that their chargers fail in 30 days or so.

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    "The Keyline Mini-Pro Automatic Car Battery Charger is elegantly simple in design and beautiful in its packaging. The single page of instructions and the minimal "warning" paragraph were more than adequate for the device. The charger itself is completely protected from electrical abuse and will not harm the car battery under any conditions..."

    "Great product. We started using the charger right away and it is working great. It arrived on time, which is a plus during the holidays!
    Everything as stated and then some. We had questions that were answered in a timely fashion before purchase. Would recommend this product and seller to everyone I know!"

    "This is a very user-friendly unit. It has a cord on both sides of the transformer so that it does not take up 2 outlets. Well designed. I love the consumer-friendly consideration. Permanent battery connection for the generator battery was very simple to connect and the appropriate cords included. I purchased 2 units and am very glad I did. It comes with an outstanding 5 year warranty! That is standing by your product! The price is very reasonable. The cords are reasonably flexible. The face of the unit is also user friendly and easy to read. A+++++"

    "I bought the KeyLine charger to charge up my battery packs to my home alarm as well as to the ATT box. Honestly I did not know they were rechargeable as I had already purchased replacements for them. When I was about to turn the old ones into be recycled is when I saw that they were all rechargeable thus I ordered the charger. It charged them right up so I am very happy with my investment."

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