KeyLine Chargers - Alligator Clips

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KeyLine Chargers - Alligator Clips

The KeyLine Alligator Clip Connector is an ideal universal accessory for all of your KeyLine Chargers products - a must-have for any DC power application. Your Search For The Best Alligator Clip Connector is over!

Features of the KeyLine Alligator Clip Connector include:

  • 24″ cord
  • 2 contact points
  • Flat molded connectors
  • Quick connect features
  • Color coded leads
  • Short circuit protection
  • Convenient for hard-to-access batteries and for batteries that are often attached or detached
  • The most versatile of all SAE accessories! Compatible with motorcycles, snowmobiles, and powersport related applications
  • Full 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 1-Year Warranty

Use the KeyLine Alligator Clip Connector with 12, 6, or 24 volt models. We recommend the KeyLine Chargers .75 amp or KeyLine Chargers 1.25 amp mini-pro chargers, but higher amperage chargers are suitable as well.